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TP T C 017/2011轻工产品安全性
TP T C 017/2011轻工产品安全性



对成人鞋的认证正在考虑TP T C 017/2011 本技术法规适用的轻工业产品符合性声明的要求对于儿童和青少年使用的鞋子规定更为严格,因为儿童鞋必须遵守某些标准的强制性文件和认证。在货物质量控制体系中,法律规范是有效的,因此,对于清关和销售鞋子,必须具有符合证书作为清关凭证。

对于童鞋,在TP T C 017/2011 本技术法规适用的轻工业产品中有合格证书,但技术法规中特别指出的那些类型除外。例如,对于儿童和青少年的粗毛毡鞋,可以发出符合新的TR CU的符合性声明,根据认证系统的实践,很明显有两种认证是最明显的。强制的认证,是使用对象区别成人和儿童。儿童鞋的合格证书是证明制造商质量的合格凭证。是符合卫生检验要求而设计的鞋子。这需要卫生流行病学监管当局包括检查和认证才可以允许r鞋类出售。

对于3岁以下婴儿使用的鞋子:必须State Registration certificate/Свидетельство о государственной регистрации 国家注册证 。

认证法规:TP T C 017/2011 本技术法规适用的轻工业产品(以下简称产品)强制性管制包括:

- 纺织品;
- 服装和针织品;
- 机器制地毯覆盖物和此类产品;
- 皮革制品,纺织品 - 小百货;
- 毛纺、非织造材料;
- 鞋子;
- 毛皮和毛皮制品;
- 皮革和皮革制品;
- 仿皮革。


海关联盟公司信息-进口商营业执照(Огрн)2)税务总局签发的企业税务登记证(инн/ kпп),公司详细信息(名称、法定地址、总经理、电话,传真、邮件)

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Obligatory or voluntary receipt of the quality certificate for shoes for adults and children.
The assessment procedure, confirmation of compliance with the quality of shoes is carried out in accordance with legal regulations. Mandatory certification is used if the product is intended for children, as well as for specialized footwear: children's shoes, boots, dielectric shoes, boots made of rubber material, children's footwear, special leather that protects against high temperatures, shoes that are stable when slipping.

The document issued as a result of quality assessment activities is called a certificate of conformity or another type - a declaration of conformity. At the moment, certification for adult shoes is taking into account the requirements of GOST, but in the future, the receipt of a declaration of conformity is projected to be carried out according to an improved procedure. As for children and adolescents, the rules are more stringent, since the certificate for children's shoes is necessary as a mandatory document of compliance with certain standards. In the system of control over the quality of goods, legal norms are in force, and therefore, for customs clearance and sale of shoes, it is only necessary to have documentary evidence of compliance.

For children's shoes, there is a certificate in the system of the notorious GOST R, except for those types that are indicated in the Technical Regulations. For example, for coarse wool felted shoes for children and adolescents, it is possible to issue a declaration of conformity to a new TR CU, Based on the practice of the certification system, it is clear that two types of certification are most obvious: a voluntary procedure and a mandatory for certain categories of objects. Voluntary certificate for children's shoes is in their own desire to obtain a manufacturer or seller of certifying the quality of the document. The first certification for shoes designed for hygienic inspection. This requires sanitary - epidemiological regulatory authorities, whose work consists in inspecting and allowing footwear for sale, of the procedure undertaken for safe use. The duration of such documents varies from the system of conduct.

Suppose a manufacturer of shoes is a domestic manufacturer and a person who decided to issue a certificate lives in Russia, then the document will be in effect from one year to about three years. Also, the applicant can acquire a certificate for children's shoes without intermediaries, immediately with the help of the manufacturer, in the event that the goods are manufactured by foreign companies that will conduct the examination. When choosing this scheme, the certification of shoes is valid for up to three years. But if we are talking about adult casual shoes, then the recipient of the declaration of conformity can only be an importer company. Foreign manufacturers do not use the declaration of conformity. If the recipient of the certificate for shoes is an importing company that has registration in Russia, then the declaration is issued for use under the condition of not more than one year, since documents are not drawn up for this system for a longer period. These are the conditions that are set for adult shoes.

For children's shoes are more demanding. Only the data that indicate when filling in both of the two applications does not differ. All important characteristics, features, both the customer, and the manufacturer are specified. Special examinations are carried out and only then issue permits. Similar to the procedure for obtaining a document certificate for children's shoes, conformity assessment is required for specialized shoes. On the special shoes, the quality is confirmed in a documented form according to the established requirements. For example, shoes, the proposed anti-pollution services displayed one standard. For rubber footwear, the inspection conditions are different. Quality and material is checked according to GOST instructions. This suggests that for different products it is necessary to purchase certificates according to distinctive schemes. Also, one of the requirements of the system is to specify only one manufacturer in one document.

Technical Regulations CU TR 017/2011 on the safety of textile: main definitionsEurasian Economic Union
Technical Regulations CU TR 017/2011 on the safety of products of the textile industry: clothing, footwear, leather goods not intended for children adopted under the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by Decree No. 876 of 09.12.2011of the Commission of the Customs Union came back into force on 01.07.2012.

Scope and relevant products 

All textile products, leather and fur, even those who were not subject to the certification system GOST-R: leather goods, bags, wallets, belts, bracelets for watches, curtains, etc.

Market Launch Certificate CU TR 017 2011

Prior to launching products / equipment onto the market, the manufacturer / representative should:

comply with basic health and safety requirements (Technical Regulations CU TR 019/2011 or TP TC 017/2011)
apply procedures for evaluation of conformity
obtain the certificate: declaration of conformity and make sure that the latter is included in products
make sure that products bear the EAC mark 
In practice, any products coming onto the Customs Union markets (sales outlets and commissioning sites) after customs clearance should include originals / certified copies of certificates / declarations of conformity.

We offer solutions for: Declaration of conformity  EAEU TR 017 2011

obtaining certificates/declarations of conformity;
taking advice on product labeling, and on documents required for issuing certificates/declarations of conformity;
organizing and supporting on-site inspections at the point of production by the authorized experts;
testing and analyzing your products at the authorized laboratories;
developing specifications and reference systems for voluntary certification;
Additional services:

monitoring of sector-specific regulations
monitoring of regulations: to pre-ensure that your products conform to all imposed requirements. for example: prediction analysis of serial production
providing applicable regulatory documents for your products (translation and comments by our experts).
Conformity Marking EACEurasian Conformity mark EAC
The conformity marking "EAC" consists of an acronym. It means that the products certified to be compliant with the essential health and safety requirements of the Technical Regulations in the Custom Union. It provides access to the free displacement of the machine on the whole territory of the Custom Union.
TR conformity marking shall also be affixed visibly on the products and/or the accompanying documents.
Regulatory reference texts:EAEU TR 017 2011

Technical Regulations CU TR 017/2011 on the safety of textilDownload: Decree No. 876 of 9.12.2011 of the Commission of the Customs Union “Technical Regulations CU TR 017/2011 on the safety of machinery” (in Russian)
The text in English and/or French of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union CU TR 017/2011 on safety of textile with comments of  our is available in our e-shop.

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